Welcome to MASS – Majority for A Sustainable Society !

The Majority for A Sustainable Society, or MASS, is a non-profit organization working to inform and mobilize Canadians on issues of environmental sustainability and democracy.

MASS Event: Lighthouse Park Old-Growth Forest and Climate Walk

Do you want to learn about plants, wildlife, and importance of old-growth forests for storing carbon – as well as the risks posed by climate change to our forests? Join Ken Wu of the Ancient Forest Alliance and Camille Gilissen of the Majority for A Sustainable Society (MASS) for a brief ecology tour in perhaps …

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The Guardian: Everything you need to know about the Paris climate summit and UN talks

Some key info you need to know about the UN Climate Summit in Paris this November!

“What else can we expect before Paris? Plenty. There will be a long series of meetings in the run-up to the conference, which have already begun: in late May, a business and climate summit brought …

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Quebec and Ontario will sign an agreement on a cap-and-trade system to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will sign an agreement Monday on a carbon emissions cap-and-trade system.

“Ontario committed to carbon pricing in 2008 when it signed the Western Climate Initiative with California and Quebec. Wynne said earlier this year that it was time for Ontario to act on that seven-year old …

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Climate activists will march in Quebec City tomorrow

Thousands of people will march in Quebec City tomorrow to ask Canada’s leaders to “Act on Climate”, as the Premiers will be meeting in April 13 and 14 to discuss climate change.

“The Act on Climate March on Saturday April 11 will be the largest of the planned events, snaking through the streets of Quebec City. More …

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Japan will likely announce a “disappointingly unambitious” new climate target at the G7 summit in June

Japan will likely announce its new target for the Global Climate deal at the G7 summit in June. While the leading business daily Nikkei says that the government will set a target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2013 levels, Kyodo News reports that it will plans to cut its greenhouse gas emissions …

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