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Jun 29

Full Transcript of Obama’s Climate Change Speech

Here is the full transcript of US President Obama’s recent Climate Change policy announcement where he announces his intention to regulate power plant emissions through the Environmental Protection Agency (and bypass the Republicans in Congress), takes aim at the anti-scientific climate deniers as “Flat Earth Society” members, and calls for a wave of citizens activism to change the realm of political possibility in the US for stronger climate change policies. This is worth a read:


Jun 29

Youtube: Obama’s Climate Change Speech

Here is the recent speech by Obama - certainly delivered with tremendous eloquence - where the US president declares that he will go around the US Congress and regulate power plant emissions through the Enviromental Protection Agency (ie. through executive powers, rather than being stymied by a Republicans in Congress). Momentum on climate change initiatives will spillover into the policy debate on climate change in Canada and may help to supercharge the growth of the climate sustainability movement in Canada.


Feb 19

Part 2: The Resurgence of an Evolving Climate Movement

Here is Part 2, the main crux of a new article “The Resurgence of an Evolving Climate Movement” (Part 1 was primarily a preamble) by MASS executive director Ken Wu in the excellent climate news and analysis website, Desmogblog Canada www.desmog.ca :



Feb 15

Desmogblog New Article: The Resurgence of an Evolving Climate Movement Part 1

The following is  Part 1 of a new article “The Resurgence of an Evolving Climate Movement” by MASS executive director Ken Wu in the excellent climate news and analysis website, Desmogblog Canada www.desmog.ca :


Jan 25

Environmental Prediction for 2013: Resurgence of the climate sustainability movement

Monday Magazine – January 2 – 9, 2013

Ken Wu, executive director of Ancient Forest Alliance and Majority for A Sustainable Society

Q. What environmental change can we prepare for in 2013?
The major environmental change for 2013 will be the resurgence of the climate sustainability movement.
This movement is being fueled by Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath, by expectations that Obama will act during his last term, by major opposition movements to pipelines and coal, and by the groundswell of climate activism underway in the U.S. through Bill McKibben’s 350.org movement that will inevitably overflow into Canada.
Ken WuBig Oil’s role in manufacturing public doubt about climate science — despite 98 per cent of the world’s publishing climate scientists agreeing that anthropogenic climate change is underway — is akin to Big Tabacco’s past in casting doubt on the link between cigarettes and lung cancer.
The question now is if the climate movement will grow strong enough, and fast enough, to stop runaway global warming.
Scientists are projecting a four-to-six-degree global temperature rise this century — at two degrees, the feedbacks of burning forests, ice-free warming oceans, permafrost methane release, etcetera, make it virtually impossible to halt global warming, and it won’t stop at just six degrees.
For the climate movement to evolve into a force great enough to change the status quo will require a heavier emphasis on politics and policies to change society, rather than simply voluntary personal lifestyle reforms.
Emphasizing solutions will also be key, along with highlighting the positive attributes of a sustainable, low carbon society for green businesses and jobs, livable cities, healthier lifestyles and sustaining the planet’s natural diversity. As long as the environmental movement is simply the movement of “no” and “stop,” without emphasizing how people can make a living, it will always be too weak to fundamentally transform the status quo. And to change the status quo, it’s key to build a broad-based movement that engages the mainstream public — businesses, faith groups, unions, scientists and diverse communities — rather than simply other activists and “protesters.”
In 2013, I think we’ll see hope come back.

Original link: http://www.mondaymag.com/news/185429151.html

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