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The Majority for A Sustainable Society, or MASS, is a non-profit organization working to inform and mobilize Canadians on issues of environmental sustainability and democracy.

Mar 01

The Global Climate Science Communications Plan, 17 years later

In 1998, some of the biggest fossil fuel companies in the world joined forces with public relations experts and conservative think tanks to create the Global Climate Science Communications Plan. Their goal was to convince “a majority of the American public” that “significant uncertainties exist in climate science”.

17 years later, a research tries to understand …

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Feb 27

The importance of the post-2020 national pledges to the adoption of a real climate deal in Paris

The post-2020 pledges – known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) – must be delivered by the countries by March 31. Each government determines what effort it is ready to make starting 2020 in order to reduce emissions and fight  climate change.

For many reasons, these pledges are foundational to the adoption of a real …

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Feb 26

The impacts of Canada’s lack of climate policy

In Canada, the absence of climate policy and of plan for managing the climate impacts of the tar sands is not only an environmental catastrophe in the making, but also and economic reality because it shackles the economy to tar sands exports, “a gamble proving ill planned while the price of oil stays at record …

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Feb 25

Scientists have measured the impact of greenhouse gas on the Earth’s surface for the first time

In a new research, scientists show for the first time the link between the rising CO2 emissions and the rising greenhouse effect “on the surface of the Earth, not just in a laboratory”.

Researchers have carried out ground-based observations to measure the increase in the greenhouse effect caused by rising carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere. …

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Feb 24

Takeaways from BC’s carbon tax

In 2008, British Columbia implemented a carbon tax. The policy is predictable, simple and effective: for seven years, the carbon emissions have fallen even as the economy has grown. It is also broad – it covers 70 percent of the BC’s carbon emissions – and revenue-neutral.

How this environmental success can be duplicated? David Robert, …

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